Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Smells Amazing, Taste Like Crap

We had a site wide meeting for our department today. It's one of those moral boost pow wows, but mostly it provided an audience for my boss to pontificate his achievements. I also like to mention that it was accompanied by complimentary bagels and coffee to entice the enthralled because I certainly was. The meeting did provide a wonderful opportunity to train myself to nap with my eyes open. Toward the end of his hour long speech, I was rudely shaken awake by one succulent line, "I think if you're upfront and honest, your people will be more loyal to you." How I wished my supervisor was there to hear those magical words and take it to heart. But fortunately, I live in reality where the only thing I could do was sip my black cherry tea that smelled wonderful, but tasted like nothing.

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