Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bread And Butter

You know the co-worker that is disliked by almost everybody in the office? Well, there are several in my office. One of them is E because she has selective cleaning OCD. Sure, she'll loan you a pen, but she'll make a big show of taking out her Cost-Co size isopropyl  and sanitizing it before she places it back into her writing utensil tray. But I've seen that bitch drop a Star Burst, rise it off, and popped it into her mouth! I think everybody knows that she's passive aggressively telling you that she doesn't like you, so it's not rare to stumble upon an occasional bashing on this particular individual. But you know what is uncomfortable? When your supervisor does it. Sure, I could have joined in because everybody knows that I love to hate, but remember my resolution? So I did what most people would do - kept my fucking mouth shut and listened. You always have a choice, and I could have said that his comments were inappropriate, but I choose to stay on my supervisor's good side because in the future, I might ask for a raise or a recommendation. And that's how the bread is buttered.

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