Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bitch, Don't Interrupt Me

I work on the VA campus, so you can imagine the hoops we have to jump through if we want to order drugs. Don't get me started on isopropyl...Anyways, a huge issued came up today and I called an emergency meeting to resolve it. Once all of us were there, T-Rex starts spewing some random shit about her portion of the project. I was livid and call her out on hijacking my meeting. Her response? "I'm not finished yet. You interrupted me."

The thing that really got to me is that she assumed she knew what I wanted to discuss because she has had ten years of experience and knows everything. It's not just today, it's been almost everyday day for the past two years since I've been here. She has refused to listen to my feedback, put me down, ridiculed me, intentionally withheld information from me, and so on. I guess that's what happens when you're on the bottom of the totem pole, but why do I get the worst of it from other women?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Is That In My Job Description?

Last week, I got in trouble (not trouble trouble, more like you’re in a world of shit trouble) with my boss because according to him, I had failed to follow up on a particular agenda, but it’s really a classic case of “save face.” He had asked me to review, edit, and gather signatures for an agreement. I did what was requested and e-mailed him the final agreement. I assumed that the project was completed when I didn’t hear anything about the issue. I’ve already presented the smoking gun, so if you’ve guess that I’m wrong, you’re right! My boss blew up at me, and instead of talking to me directly about it, he had his right hand woman talk to me. The conversation was extremely confusing because she didn’t know all the details. But in the end, it really didn’t matter that I didn’t do anything wrong because I should have known to follow up on this project and asked him where this agreement was suppose to go (it had turned out that he had forgotten to send the agreement to HR and thus had delayed the process), even though he did not specify anything beyond “return revised and signed agreement to me.” So ladies and gentlemen, it is my job to anticipate the needs of a moody, diabetic Guatemalan. Why do I feel so violated?